This blog is about to be revived. Stay tuned!

(if you're still there :p)

I love infographics. and an infographic about Etsy = even more love. This one (created by the talented guys at MBAonline) shows why is the perfect place where to sell handmade goodies, and I obviously agree! :)

Etsy MBA
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And so I'm back to my little blog at last! It was a long hiatus - but it's hopefully over :) I apologize but I was really busy by making desires into truth, first of all trying to be a full day crafter. Things with the shop are going quite well - and so I'm hopeful, and so I can try to resume other activities beside crafting flowers all day long ;)
And as a little gift to make you forgive me for my absence: a wallpaper that summarize perfectly what I have been feeling in the latter months :)

Good night and may all your desires come true! :)